Visit It!

There are so many places to visit – exotic beaches, ancient cities, sacred spots and hidden gems. 
There are so many things to see – extravagant buildings, unique animals, fantastic carnivals and bizarre museums. There are so many activities to do – extreme hiking, calming diving, full of danger snowboarding and lazy sunbathing. What to choose? How to decide which place or attraction is worthy of your time and money? Visit It! app is created especially for helping you with that. 
The whole world on the screen of your smartphone – and you have an access to any place of it with only one tap. Swipe to navigate the map, tap to choose the place, see its attractions and decide what to visit. High quality photos of the places will give you an idea of how the place or attraction looks and well-described articles will help you with choosing an activity. In the Visit It! you can mark places where you’ve already been, add explored attractions, new photos and take traveler’s notes.

HOW TO USE: Open the app. You’ll see the world’s map where you can tap every place you see and find out what attractions are situated there. Swipe from left to the right to see the menu and search bar. You can search for attractions, rate places, add photos and information. Need a rest or want adventures? Get the handy traveler’s advisor and helper Visit It!

- Choose from a great variety of popular attractions and hidden gems of the world;
- Search for places, cities, museums, restaurants and more;
- See what’s around you and plan your trip ahead;
- On arrival read travelers' notes and insiders articles;
- Create memories: take notes, mark places, add information and photos.