Travel Pack

Travel Pack is a new useful application made to remind you what you need to pack for travel! Packing staff is a common problem for everyone, who has traveled abroad at least once. You can easily forget some items starting with a passport or a ticket and ending with a pair of socks or medications. To avoid such unpleasant situation we made this great helper app for frequent travelers and those who are planning their first travel – the Travel Pack.

HOW TO USE: Choose the continent you want to visit and push the button with its name. You will see the illustrated list of most visited countries on that continent. Then, choose any country you would like to visit. As soon as you tap on a country's name, you will see the short description for your information and two seasons logo: winter and summer. Choose, during what season you are planning to visit the country, and our Travel Pack will generate the list of items you need to take with you.
Then, choose the things you need to take with you and you will find selected item in the "Suitcase"! Whenever you pack the item, put the check-mark near it, and you will be able to see the percents of successful packing on the screen.

Travel Pack Main Features: 
- More than 50 most visited and beautiful countries all over the world
- Fully illustrated and well designed menu that makes use of Travel Pack much pleasurable
- Detailed work on travel pack items will help you not to forget any little thing
- We have separate packs on Woman's and Man's items for your comfort
- Function of checklist 
- Ability to add extra items with "ADD THING" button on your travel list
- You can create a new category and make your own travel pack list

Travel with pleasure, Travel with Travel Pack!