Travel Documents

Traveling abroad is so exciting! But you have to get a visa to visit most of countries. The Travel Documents app will help you to find out which documents you need: make a checklist and tick them. Travel and work with adventure around the world! No need to look for and buy piles of travel books and listen to your friends' travel tales anymore! Our travel journal will guide you through all the needed documents to visit this or that country! All you need is to have desire and ideas of where to travel, and we'll help you with the documents! 

HOW TO USE: First of all, select countries in 2 categories: Citizenship, Country Travel and a type of a visa you need: Tourist, Business or Transit. Then you will see what documents you need for travelling. You can create a checklist and tick the visa documents! Now you can concentrate on the sightseeing plan! 

Travel Documents features:
- You can pick any country to visit;
- Several types of visa available;
- Add, edit and delete a checklist;
- Tick the document you already got;
- Make several lists at a time.

Try to visit all the countries - just plan it with our app! It doesn't matter where you from are and what's the purpose of a visit (tourism, business, transit, etc), you can start planning the sightseeing and other interesting stuff instead of blowing your mind with Travel Documents! Our app will do it for you! Just don't forget to tick the travelling docs!