Tip Calculator

Dining out is a part of everyday routine for many people and going to bar, cafe or restaurant is a one of the best ways to have a good time on a weekend. However, some of us feel inconvenienced when it comes to splitting the bill. Sometimes it’s such a bother to calculate the total with an appropriate amount of tip, especially when you and your friends have ordered dishes that don't cost the same, so the splitting becomes even harder. It would be a great luck to have a helpful and simple in use application that could calculate how much each of you should cheap in for the trip! Tip Calculator is a very useful application that can figure tips, calculate the total and split the bill. 

How to play: Enter the sum of your bill, the tipping rate you deem appropriate and the number of people, and Tip Calculator will calculate everything for you. 

Tip Calculator features:
- Cool streamlined design;
- Easy to use tip calculator;
- A helping hand in splitting the bills;
- A must-have app for any group outing.

Do not forget, leaving a tip is a necessary courtesy even though it can turn into a real bother. Let Tip Calculator make your everyday life easier and more pleasant!