Taiwan Cuisine

Feeling tried of using same old recipes cooking apps offer you? Want to experience something new and unusual or challenge your culinary skills? Taiwan Cuisine app will be your guide in this adventure! Tasting homemade Taiwanese food is a great and special way to get in touch with this fascinating oriental culture that has inherited the distinctive feel of Chinese cuisine with its filling, yet healthy main courses, spicy and contrasting flavors, curious combinations of products and magnificent sweets. Can you resist trying?

How to use: What are you planning to serve today? Pick one from four categories of courses – first course, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. Scroll through the list of recipes and choose one that suits you best. Look through the list of ingredients to see if you have everything necessary on hand. If not, you can either choose a different dish or start a shopping list, marking all products you'll need to buy. When all the ingredients are lined up, start cooking, following the provided instructions.

Taiwan Cuisine features:
- Recipes available both in English and Chinese;
- A virtual cookbook for the fans for Taiwanese food;
- Ingredients checklist to make it easier for you to choose;
- Detailed, step-by-step recipes complete with illustrations;
- A true challenge for an advanced cook – step out of your comfort zone;
- The option of making a shopping list if you're short of any inquired ingredients;
- Best pick for those who are looking for unusual cooking apps with exotic dishes;
- The ability to make a list of your favorite recipes, as well as to leave suggestions.

Don't be afraid to try something new – introduce Taiwanese food into your life today with Taiwan Cuisine!