Pack A Bag

Anybody who ever spent long stretches of time in transit can attest: road games are really a blessing that can save people from dying of boredom. Having a supply of them on your phone can make a huge difference in your traveling experience, so better stock up for the road! Pack A Bag is a travel game through and through: not only it helps you to kill time on your way to the destination, but also polishes your packing skills! You'll find yourself in a familiar situation: a suitcase, a messy pile of clothes and other items to pack – and the clock is ticking!

How to play: On the display you'll see objects of different sizes and shapes plus an empty suitcase. Prepare to apply your puzzle talents – your goal will be to place these objects in the suitcase, positioning the items in such a way that they fit against each other neatly. If you're not careful, you will either run out of time or won't be able to get everything in – game over! 

Pack A Bag features:
- Neat, eye-pleasing graphics;
- A fun travel-themed time-killer;
- Built-in timer to test your speed;
- Multiple increasingly challenging levels;
- Engaging puzzle challenge – a true gem among road games;
- A fantastic way to have fun on the journey, both alone and in a group.

Add some thrill and excitement into the long hours of being slumped in a train or plane seat. Our challenging and fun travel game, Pack A Bag, will certainly keep you awake and entertained on the road!