Oriental Puzzle - Travel And Match

It's always wise to have a small set of best puzzle games on your phone if you go to and fro a lot – time flies when you solve puzzles, after all, and not a second of your day is wasted. Naturally this emergency gaming app collection won't be complete without the Mahjong-type puzzle, especially if you have a taste for really challenging logic games.

Oriental Puzzle - Travel And Match is our take on Mahjong game with a strong Asian feel and card designs that will make any traveler go through a bout of nostalgia. Give this app a try and see if it brings anything new and exciting in your usual Mahjong experience!

How to play: If you have played Mahjong before, you have an idea what to do. Find matching cards on the playing field and tap on each to match them. Make sure the matching cards don't end up in the nearest vicinity of each other – their borders shouldn't be touching each other anywhere.

Oriental Puzzle - Travel And Match features:
- A unique Asian look;
- Comprehensible controls system;
- Fun, yet challenging braintwister for puzzle fans;
- A new take on the all-favorite best puzzle game.

If you feel secure in your ability to solve any puzzle, Oriental Puzzle - Travel And Match is a challenge you just can't turn down. Take this thematic logic game on and show your logic prowess.