Map Distance

If you an active person, always exploring new areas, having Map Distance Full on your phone is a necessity. This location tracker packs a number of useful utilities: with its help you can determine where you are at the moment, measure the distance between your location and where you need to be, using a provided detailed map, and estimate the time it'll take you to get there at normal walking speed. As you see, it's the kind of app that can come in handy both in your home city and when you're on a trip. Whether you need to find the nearest gas station, diner or ATM, Map Distance will save you the trouble of asking around or walking to and fro trying to make sense out of street signs.

How to play: The location tracker will determine your location automatically. Input the info about your destination and you'll immediately see the route that will take you there. You can use the search bar to indicate your starting and finishing point as well, or tap on the map to mark them. For the sake of clarity and reliability the app only builds the routes around roads, not taking various paths and shortcuts into account.

Map Distance features:
- User-friendly controls system;
- Location tracker and route building tool;
- Several different ways to enter the data;
- Detailed map of any city for your device.

Save your time and energy with Map Distance – never get lost again, no matter how far away you are from home!