Classic Crosswords - Breaktime Teasers

Take a break and solve the crossword - get wants and needs met with Classic Crosswords - Breaktime Teasers app! Consider yourself an erudite? They say you are a walking encyclopedia? Have a lot of leisure time? If you answered "yes" for all of these questions you will easily cope with any crossword in our brainteaser app Classic Crosswords - Breaktime Teasers!

How to play: This is a traditional crossword - cells, words, explanations. Read the explanation and type the word letter by letter into the appropriate cells. You can get a hint or a complete solution if you need.

Classic Crosswords - Breaktime Teasers features:
- 3 difficulty levels;
- 15 crosswords on different themes;
- bonus levels for true eggheads;
- search the word on the Internet using special button.